To those who currently come second…

I sit here with only my thoughts
Thinking how much I deserve and how little I’m getting
Not to give up but to decide when enough is enough
I can only give and say so much
Before I take myself out of the equation.

He knows, I know, that I choose not to come second
Second is not something I settle for
Nor something I deserve.

At last, I will be someone’s someone
Not just a second best
Not a second thought
Not for me to wait while the second-best holds the spotlight
Not an addiction
A pure love
A number one to someone

To be the star in my own life
And to someone else
My time will come
When it is right to shine
Not to lose sight
In the one that will make it right
To be mine only at night
To love and be loved
With the one that’s right

Cheers to me,
Cos I’m the only one here
In a place where I shed the tear
And hold no one near
In a strange place
With a direction but no sense of it
A place where I thought I needed to be
It will be mine to see
The path to take
For my own sake
The journey was always going to be my own
Because no one else sees my path
It’s mine and I need to make it so
To start the new year on my own
Is exactly what was meant to happen
I can rely on no one
If that is what is meant to be
Then it is mine to see
It is mine to take
With all my might, with nothing in sight

I hold my own
No matter how hard
Pain I am meant to feel
Until the light comes
Until the happiness shines in
When the spotlight takes hold
In a beautiful, natural way
Shines a light on where I’m meant to belong

Wait I no longer can abide
As live takes another’s side
For now, for ever, for me.

Not to feel like second
To feel powerful
To know inherently that I am more
More worthwhile
More than anything he can imagine
Without the chance to see
Let him be
Until he sees what it really means to have me
Something that he will never again see.


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