When It All Seems A Little Daunting.

culver stairs

Today my friend Kim took me on her weekly adventure of climbing the Culver City stairs. When my eyes first caught a glimpse of them, my reaction was verbatim… ‘what the’ and ‘how the hell am I going to get up these?!’

The answer is really quite simple. One step at a time. You and your mind are both powerful forces. Set your mind to something and look at what you can achieve. No one will be more surprised than you!

Such is applicable to life, love, friendships, art, emotions, work. Whilst things may seem incredibly daunting, unachievable and complicated, if you break it down into little pieces and get through one thing at a time, the most important things will be achieved, and your level of satisfaction will add to your happiness.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, I hope the universe delivers a little magic, smiles, great tunes and even better personalities to you to fill your heart with happiness.



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