You Rarely Question How Much You Give To Others….It’s Time To Start Thinking – What Are You Giving To Yourself?

People come in and out of your life. That is a constant. Such is life, as they say.

The one thing that you’ll eventually learn is the one constant, change, is you.

If you’re giving your all to someone, and it’s not enough, you’re giving it to the wrong person. And you’re most certainly not giving it to yourself.

People will give and take from you. People will stay for a day, a month or 20 years. Be thankful that each and very one of those people help to shape the person you are today, even the bad ones. The better version of yourself that you mould into each and every passing day has been shaped by those interactions.

Stay true to your gut. Be aware of what kind of vibe and contribution a person makes to you, AND what they bring out of you. Only being able to recognise what kind of person you turn into around others helps you build your own stronger sense of identity. Live and learn through others and experiences that they bring, but most importantly whatever you need right now, find a way to give it to yourself. Either through self-examination and discovery, or through experiences with others.

Love yourself, because others will also, but it’s you that needs to listen to your thoughts when you lay your pretty head down each night.

In case no one told you today….

You’re beautiful

I love you

Nice ass


And if nothing else, play this track and you’ll wear a smile, guaranteed…The Magician Sunlight


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