Is Life Blurry to You? Which Lens Are You Looking Through?

Life’s decisions have never been drawn in a straight line, more often they are imperfectly drawn free-hand. I suppose you only grow through taking life’s detours. Unexpected at the time, yet with hindsight, so rewarding.

It is challenging to want to give your everything to those who are on those winding parts of life’s roads; who you can see so clearly need some company on their journey. 

People seem to be able to receive monetary “gifts”, but find it a challenge to receive that thing they need most. “Gifts” that take the form of your hand to hold, that shoulder to cuddle into, that genuine smile. Non-monetary “gifts” that are loving and genuine, and take the shape of basic human interaction.

What happens in real life is that people who need help don’t always ask for it. They may be scared, they make not know how, or don’t think it matters enough. People who are craving love, may not know how to give it, or are afraid to; and those that want to give exactly what they can see their friend needs, can’t be let in.

I wish that life came without expectations. I wish life came without people assuming behaviours for others and for themselves. A little less ego and a little more interaction.

But, I do live in the land and time of selfies, technology, the ‘Facebook’ version of you. Not to say these are negative things, just that, those who let their entire self-identity be determined through these filters, I pray they take off their lenses, cut through the blur, and focus on what is actually important.

Be Authentic.

  • Talk face-to-face with a close one, not through FaceTime
  • Give an actual hug, not a emoji one
  • Hear anothers spontaneous laugh at that exact moment when they feel that joy, not repeated through a Vine video
  • Write someone a love note, not a text message

Perhaps today is a day where I need to take my own advice and ask for a little love? I’ll let you know how that goes.



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