Start Falling In Love….With Yourself

And fall a little more, each and every day.

Whilst you have no choice in growing older, there is most certainly one thing you can control, and that is how you live your life.

  • Rule #1. Never Be #2.
  • You can choose who you let into your life. Those that actually give a f*ck about you with the right motivations.
  • You can learn to control your reaction. Only then will you stop giving power over your life to everyone but yourself.
  • You will learn from your experiences in your twenties, and start applying those life lessons in your 30’s.
  • You will have a quarter-life crisis. This will set you on a path where you’ll start allowing yourself to make conscious choices that make you happy.
  • A light bulb will go off where you will realise that you don’t need to feel guilty about putting yourself first. It’s not selfish, it’s prioritising you and your happiness.
  • You will experience great loves, but only the one who gives as much to you, as you do to them, deserves that place in your heart and your world.

As I stride into my thirties, I am excited for what is around that corner. Whether that be a new friend that brightens my world, a renewed friendship with someone who finally sees me for who I am and lights up my soul, a song that makes my heart smile, special time with my family and friends who are on the other side of the world, a dream job that I didn’t even realise I could have, and the love of my life to walk through that door.

Life, for me, is about recognising those special moments. Those are the stuff of great memories.

Happy Tuesday…x


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