I am a very lucky girl.

I have accumulated two homes. Not in the physical ‘brick & mortar’ sense, but two special places on this earth that I can call ‘home sweet home’.

I recently returned from Sydney (where I grew up), to celebrate Christmas with my family. Coming from LA, I was glad to be escaping “winter” for a few weeks….that is, if you can call it ‘winter’ in California! There are hardly seasons in LA.

I knew I needed to escape and was grateful for a reprieve from LA for those few weeks. You see, I pride myself on being a genuine person, and sometimes the LA ‘mentality’ can start getting to me.

I describe the “LA Mentality” as:

  • “Drinking the Kool-Aid”
  • ‘So…what do you do? as the conversation opener;
  • The ‘How can you help me?’ underlying ambition in a conversation;
  • The ‘oh you’re great, let’s definitely see each other again’, only to have that individual disappear off the face of the planet;
  • People thinking they are above everyone else, just because.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to only surround myself with real people who genuinely care about me and make me happy. I will not allow myself to feel any sense of guilt for no longer having people in my life if they don’t provide any positive value.

Going back to the beautiful city that is Sydney, my new resolution was exemplified. I absolutely loved spending time with my family and dear friends. What I found so incredibly special were those open-hearted people who honestly loved spending time with me (& likewise). Those who genuinely had my best interests at heart. Rare individuals indeed.

I also loved the memories that being home created and inspired. The small things that means so much. For example:

  • The smell of recently cut grass which invoked the memory of sunny afternoons growing up, drinking Milo milkshakes with my family on my backyard lawn right after my dad cut it.
  • Mum’s hugs.
  • Australian coffee.
  • Watching Carol’s By Candlelight and Carol’s in the Domain at Christmas, cringing the whole time but secretly loving it.
  • Touring the local neighbourhood to check out the Christmas lights on people’s houses (reminiscent of the Griswold’s).
  • The new memories of my growing-up-fast nephews who I already miss, and will miss many of their ‘firsts’, like their first words and first day of school.

Even though I will miss and miss-out on things, I learned that I need to remember my adventure in another country is mine to make, create opportunities in, and experience the amazing people and circumstances in LA that Sydney could never afford me.

Sydney has changed in many ways, however it still feels the same, which cemented for me that I wasn’t done with LA.

I hope to share many of my LA experiences with the world. Even if that world is small, my adventures won’t be.



2 thoughts on “#DickmanDownunder

  1. Everything about this post I love. I went home to Melbourne (from Florida) for Christmas break too last year, and it was so nice to re-visit everything I missed… but at the same time, home is Florida now, and I was glad to come back. Also, major LOLs at Carols by Candlelight, I absolutely LOVE it.


    1. Oh yes, I do love those carols by candlelight! When I visit home it still feels the same to me, and that means that it’s not time for me to go home. I love living in LA, as I’m sure you love living in Florida. Some things are meant to be and living your life to the fullest is such an amazing experience to have.


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