Peter Pan Syndrome

I’m going start calling every guy I ‘date’ Peter.

I can’t even say that I “date” any of them. No one seems to do that in this city. They “hang out”. These blurred lines can be very tiresome.

Why I want to call them all Peter is because these men are quite simply, children. They like to think they are adults; men even. Beating their chests with great pride showing their strength and prowess. Whilst some of them have the potential to grow into Lions, most of them don’t realise they are just little lion cubs. They say patience is a virtue, but after 2.5 years in LA, living and breathing this circus, my patience is starting to wear thin.

These cubs who think they’re living in the wild jungle, are really holed up with their mates in their bachelor pads. Unable to grow up and look after themselves.

Their inability to see the gold that is right in front of them astonishes me. Their inability to communicate is unfathomable. Why, oh why do I let it bother me?! I can only think of one reason. I am an eternal optimistic who gives others the benefit of the doubt; who opens my heart because I can see the potential in them.

Even though it frustrates me to no end, I MUST step back and think about the big picture. By them showing their true characters, they are doing me the favour. By them not prioritising me in any way, gives me the right to show them the same courtesy without any guilt. It allows me to look at the world again with openness and view it through clear spectacles. It allows me to dodge another bullet (thank you universe!).

The way I see it, I have 2 options. Continue to be jaded and frustrated by the lack of sincerity of character in these lion cubs. OR consciously decide to live my life without letting them take away my sparkle and open heart.

All I know is what life has taught me so far. Which is, that the only thing you can control in any situation is your reaction to it. Don’t let anyone rent space in your head, unless they’re a good tenant. You have every right to be pissed, to think this world is not fair, that you just want a break from the awful, difficult things. But with hindsight, everything happens as it’s meant to, at exactly the time that it should.

I must allow myself time of forgive and forget. I need to decide that today is a new day, show myself how strong, positive and vibrant I know I am and can be; better the day I had yesterday. I am going to channel my pain and frustrations into positive energy. My yoga practice today I will meditate on being strong, being positive and coming out the other side brand new! This was my card I drew in class this week. I think it’s fitting, don’t you?


Everyone’s future is bright. It’s up to each of us to see that and make a conscious choice to change it for the better. Everyone deserves happiness; we all must remember to not let circumstances and other people take any of that away. Grab hold of your future and start making positive decisions. Challenge yourself to run through that wild jungle! Free yourself from the shackles of convention, and live your own god damn life as if you already are that Lion. Even if you’re not there yet, you soon will possess that strength and revel in it. Hey, you might even find others to run right by your side.

Go get ’em tiger! 😉

Happy Flyyay! xx


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