Once Upon a Namaste


As I prepare to embark on my big trip to Europe and Morocco, it is bringing me a sense of calm and a grounding feeling. An assessment of where I am in life. Yes I haven’t achieved all that I want yet, but I cannot discount how far I’ve come and the leaps I’ve taken so far. All I can be is open, honest, and loving to ensure my happiness; and those that want to be on my train through life are welcome to board.

Everyone has MASSIVE dreams, some of them (quite excitingly) haven’t even been defined yet. I am about to go on a new adventure that is going to tick off some of my travel destination boxes which I’ve dreamt about for a long time. What this trip is also doing is opening up my mind to places that I never thought about before, which are now part of that list of must-travel destinations.

It’s great to reassess your dreams every so often and think about what you really want in life. Taking stock, and thinking about what’s changed over the course of the last 6-12months. One of the things that has changed that I’ve brought into my life is yoga. As stereotypical as that may sound living the “California” lifestyle, I think people everywhere already have or are currently discovering yoga and its benefits, not just for the body but for the mind. Oh, and the social part is also incredibly rewarding!

So I wanted to tell you a little bit about my journey with yoga and how it started and what it’s brought into my life.

I believe the story starts with….once upon a namaste.

When I moved to LA I took a leap of faith. I dared to dream my dream; and just like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, I suddenly saw the world in colour once again. A liberating experience, not only to discover that for the first time in my life I was choosing my own path, but also that my dream involved moving to an entirely new country.

My leap of faith has now become a literal one.


My love affair with yoga is a recent one. I remember trying it many years ago and just not understanding it. Many people say yoga is a way of life, and only now am I ready to comprehend what that means.

Not only does yoga give me the permission to clear my mind and block out the incessant stresses of life, it also comforts me in allowing a meditation for what I am lacking that day in my practice, whether that be ‘strength’, ‘calm’, ‘love’, ‘happiness’ or ‘faith’.


My friend works at this amazing company that designs and creates workout apparel and even just wearing nice yoga gear makes my practice even more exciting. Let’s just say I’ve come a long way from my snap-on Adidas trackie dacks and my Esprit logo’d tee.


I am a new yogi with a lot to learn, so every pose I learn is a new challenge for the mind and body. I was once intimidated by those incredible yogi’s I see in class and on Instagram, my best friend Kim is the perfect example. She is intimidatingly strong. When I do a class with her I am in awe. She gets into positions that I can only dream about. From my beginner’s perspective, the poses are head-shakingly impossible.

However, part of yoga is learning that it’s called your ‘practice’ for a reason.  It’s a continual learning curve. Each day is going to be different. One day you’re going to smash out a side crow, and other days, savasana is your jam. The fact that I even know those poses exist and I can do them, is remarkable to me!


Since starting I have been rewarded with a more toned body, and becoming part of a yoga community which is supportive and loving. It has afforded me so many opportunities, like being able to share my story with you right now, and bringing talented people into my life, like the incredible Alyx who took the time to photograph me. What I love and appreciate is that Alyx was just as excited as I was to capture this moment in both of our trips through life.

So continue I will on this yellow brick road of mine; I am excited for what lies ahead, and what parts of this world I will be able to see, taste and experience, and who I will meet along the way.

See you on the other side of the pond!

Much love, x


Apparel: OUT Incorporated http://outincorporated.com/

Photography: https://instagram.com/shoestringadventures/


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