How To Make Lemonade


Walking home last night, I looked up into the starry sky and remembered that, in relative terms, I am an insignificant part of this universe. Yet, I still contribute to it, so in my own small way, I do matter. I am a thread in the fabric of this world, and without me for my lifetime, the world would have one less string. And you know what they say about one unraveling thread…

Putting things into perspective, whilst situations may seem significant, in the grand scheme of things, bumps in the road won’t materialistically change my life, or the universe. I’m just one soul running through it, trying my best to figure out why I’m here and what I contribute.

There is very little I can control, and that which I can, is only as meaningful as I allow it to be.

I think the strength of the person you are is determined by your courage in dealing with challenging situations. Particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. Having the confidence to express the feelings of your heart is one of the bravest things I think anyone can do. Sometimes, you will have a reciprocation of feelings, other times you will not. Either outcome is a win-win situation. You either are on the same page, and you are rewarded by a powerful expansion of feelings. Or, the alternative of not being on the same page, which I experienced this evening. It is difficult to handle rejection, but I do believe that the highs are pronounced only by the relativity of the lows. You also win because then you are given the beautiful gift of freedom to see the world with renewed clarity. You have the opportunity to look up and see that person who is meant to be walking across your path.

Taking a moment of solace to reflect on those bumps in the road is cathartic. Understanding that I cannot change other people’s minds or hearts, nor do I want to. If another does not recognise how incredible and unique I am, I cannot fault them, but allow them to pass through my life, and thank them for giving me their incredible gift. This experience showed me how the little things in life matter. Being attentive and thoughtful, showing consistency and displaying mindfulness are characteristics of my future life partner. One can love and show love to another, but you cannot control how others love you. This experience was about setting new benchmarks, and realising that it really does only take one seemingly insignificant significant moment to change the course of your life.

When life throws you lemons, or challenges, we have to take comfort in the solace that hindsight provides. When you are faced with a challenge or set-back, the strength lies in falling forward; believing you will be better off when you come out the other side, and recognising the silver lining even when it’s hard to see through the haze. 



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