Have Clothes, Will Travel


My bank balance is currently “LOL – try again tomorrow”…tax return anyone?? But as that wise Instagram post (many times over) said “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.

As cliche as it sounds, I really do believe that. I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to travel; and being Australian, it’s almost a right of passage. It’s in our blood.

I also believe that travel helps you with that scary C word “change”.

Think about it. When you are traveling, you are not in your daily habitual routine. You need to find an entirely new route to your destination. You discover your new coffee place, interact with entirely new peeps, speak in different languages, or at least attempt to with many blank stares looking back at you. Side-note: If you have been lucky enough to visit Paris, this blank stare is prevalent. It’s the French doing what they do best…ensuring each generation is fluent in their fabulous native tongue and pretending not to understand a word of English (even though they learned it in primary school), as I have been reputably informed by my French girlfriend.

With 2 trips in 2016 already ticked off the list, and 3 more already on the books, I wanted to share my plan of action for saving in the hope that it will 1. actually make me do it, and 2. provide some inspo for you guys. At least it will save you 30 mins of procrastination *cough* sorry, internet research on travel budgeting tips.

Step 1: Don’t buy clothes, shoes and handbags

  • Unsubscribe from the asos, revolve, nordstrom rack, et al emails
  • Physically don’t go to the shops (its like the junk food rule, if it’s physically in your house,  you won’t eat it!)

Step 2: Purchase this book Sort Your Shit Out or this one Stop Giving A Fuck 

  • Not only will you learn how to organise & see all the amazing items in your closet, but you will learn how not to give a fuck if you do look like less-of-a-baller on your zero clothing budget

Step 3: Sell your clothes on Ebay, Poshmark, mates with money

  • After you’ve organised your wardrobe above, earn bucks from your material possessions

Step 4: Create a Monthly Budget

  • Immediately eliminate 3 things…Bootybay, magazine subscription, daily barista coffee

Step 5: Choose a specific bill denomination

  • e.g. the $5 note, and save every single one of them

Step 6: Just. Fucking. Do. It.


My resolution last year to discover more of the US was derailed (in the most awesome way) when my best mate asked me to travel to Morocco with him. We certainly made the most of that trip adding London, Paris, Barcelona and Amalfi Coast into the mix! More on that later.

So, take 2, 2016 (rolled over from 2015) NY resolutions. I am intent to check off more US cities.

One thing I think we’re all guilty of is not exploring our own backyards. I know growing up in Sydney, I certainly didn’t take advantage of exploring the “outback”, the daintree rainforest, Western Australia, the list goes on.

I will be sharing the adventures of 2016 shortly, but for now, let’s start at one. The budget. Come on peeps, let’s hoard those pennies and be rewarded through brand new experiences that will only ever bring us joy, new friends, new sights, new culinary delights, and memories that will live with us forever.


Now boarding….. xx






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