Resolution Reset


August is the new New Years.

Today is the start of August, and it’s strange, I’m feeling that today’s energy is more powerful than January 1st. Do you even remember what resolution(s) you made? I don’t.

It feels like a natural time to check in with (how quickly) the year is passing and reset.

My resolution today is to take small steps toward positive & lasting change. You never get to the end of a marathon without taking a thousand small steps.

Making small, manageable changes will get me to my goal, whatever they may be.

What are your goals? It could be exercising every day in August, or cutting out chocolate or sweets for a month. My friend Elise is focusing on a health reset this month. I was also inspired by the Australian campaign of #junkfreejune and whilst I did not take part, it stopped and made me think about what I’m fueling my body with. Nothing stopping me from starting in August!

My goal this month is to be more mindful of what I feed my body and making sleep a priority. I want to be strong and feel energised when I step onto my yoga mat every day so I can get the most out of the class. My time, like yours is precious and I want to make those limited minutes on my mat count!

This morning I didn’t want to take the stairs because my body was tired, but I made myself, and even though it may have sucked at the time, once it’s done, I was totally fine, and soon enough, you don’t even give it a second thought. It’s like when you’re famished and you really want the mac’n’cheese, but if you pause and think, well I’m going to be full no matter if I eat the mac’n’cheese or choose a healthier option of a salad or sandwich. I’ll be satiated, and I won’t experience the food coma.

Diet and exercise shouldn’t be the only consideration though. Taking a moment to focus on having a healthier mindset is crucial too. Healthy competition is a good thing, but don’t make it about comparison against others; make it a competition with yourself – strive to be better than yesterday.

Don’t beat yourself up if you do fall off the wagon. I am a big believer in balance, and let’s be honest, no one is going to enjoy being 100% restrictive in every aspect your life. #perfectionisimperfection

I invite you to make a concession, because everything in life is relative. My concession is going to be champagne, because bubbles. 🙂

So, wish me luck as I embark on taking those small steps this month, whether they be up the stairs or into bed before midnight! Good luck to you in walking your path!

Much love,

Ames xo




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