You. Remember you?

Sometimes you just need a stiff drink.  Turn off all your devices. Sit alone with your thoughts.  And right all the wrongs in the world. I.e. Calm the fuck down. These, my friend are the pivotal moments in your life.  Recognize. For all this angst that you’re feeling at this moment, is actually the impetus … More You. Remember you?

Resolution Reset

August is the new New Years. Today is the start of August, and it’s strange, I’m feeling that today’s energy is more powerful than January 1st. Do you even remember what resolution(s) you made? I don’t. It feels like a natural time to check in with (how quickly) the year is passing and reset. My … More Resolution Reset

Peter Pan Syndrome

I’m going start calling every guy I ‘date’ Peter. I can’t even say that I “date” any of them. No one seems to do that in this city. They “hang out”. These blurred lines can be very tiresome. Why I want to call them all Peter is because these men are quite simply, children. They like to … More Peter Pan Syndrome